All I want to know is how far you wanna go. I’m going back down south now

by Raquel Brandão

Those pictures were taken by myself a while ago, in 2004, I was 14 by then and had no knowledge about photography or so. It was wintertime and I went with my bestfriend back then and her parents to a road trip all the way South. Although I didn’t know much about how to take photos, I believe some people just know how to do it, like a gift, they see things deferentially, and that’s what I think I have: The eye. The eye, the view to see things in a different way. And those pictures show that, at least to me. I love them, I love the colors of the analog,  I love the peaceful feeling they give and the middle-of-nowhere kind of feeling too.  Hope you like it too.

ópera de arame – Curitiba, PR

Farroupilha, RS